ASX Market

Block Trade Facility

With respect to our business model, wholesale market traders assume trades are done as blocks unless the company has received instructions or has been specifically authorized to execute as “cross” or “in the market”.

The company reminds all clients the following conditions for Block Trade Execution on ASX:

  • Price quoted for the Block Trade Order may or may not be the prevailing market price;
  • Price at which the Block Trade is executed will not be used in establishing the price of a Contract when it is settled in accordance with the operating rules of the relevant Market;
  • Block Trades shall have no impact on the Trading Platform market data for the relevant Market;
  • Block Trades will be separately reported to the relevant Market; and
  • Each leg of the Block Trade Order must meet the Minimum Threshold required.
Minimum Threshold

Block trade order is applicable to below products detailed at the time by the ASX in below reference link. Order giver shall observe the current minimum order size to be eligible for submission as a block. Availability of Block Trade Facility

Aggregation of Orders

Order may be aggregated for placement into the ASX 24 Trading Platform only if:

  • All futures or options Orders received when the ASX 24 Market is neither open, nor in the Pre-Opening Phase;
  • Spread or custom market Orders received during the Pre-Opening Phase of the ASX 24 Market;
  • All futures or options Orders received and recorded at exactly the same time;
  • Orders that, by definition, cannot be entered upon receipt, for example “market on open” or “market on close”; and
  • Orders negotiated involving Contracts which have been permitted to be pre-negotiated in the operating rules of the relevant Market; and are in numbers of Contracts greater than or equal to the number designated by the Operator of the relevant Market.