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Entities & Reference Information

Country List of Entities LEI Regulated by License Number / Business Registration No Market Identifier Code(MIC)
Australia TFS Australia Pty. Ltd. 25490019HY64XV5G6324 Australian Securities & Investments Commission. 43 079 740 873
Tradition Australia Pty. Ltd. 254900L64KM87QVE2A60 Australian Securities & Investments Commission. 83 103 007 352
China Ping An Tradition International Money Broking Company Ltd. China Banking Regulatory Commission. P0003H244030001
Hong Kong Tradition (Asia) Limited 549300ER66BIX4KZD662 Hong Kong Monetary Authority CI 59841 TRAS
T.F.S. Derivatives HK Ltd. 549300SQ2NWW0XDNBU68 Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong CI 1093891 TFSD
India Derivium Tradition Securities (India) Pvt. Ltd. Securities and Exchange Board of India. A025148
Indonesia PT. Tradition Indonesia 25490045IGZHUWFQCF90 Bank Indonesia 01.573.201.9-011.000
Japan Co., Ltd. 353800FN6MKZGJ3ROX02 Financial Services Agency Kanto Finance Bureau (gold quotient) No.262 (License of FSA)
Tradition Financial Services Japan Limited 549300OBRAOO0P4HIX85 Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan 0104-03-002875
Tradition Nihon Ltd. 353800JSW1T1QWZNAG94 Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan 0104-01-097958
TFS-ICAP 549300XFMB0LXMS7BY86 Partnership Agreement in accordance with the Civil Code N/A
Ueda Tradition Derivatives Ltd. 353800CVX0AWLJ0QTS47 Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan 0104-01-083293
Ueda Tradition Securities Ltd. 353800GH95A67C8SIV59 Financial Services Agency Kanto Finance Bureau (gold quotient) No.2184 (License of FSA) UTSL
Korea Tradition Korea Ltd. 254900MLKOUH26I3EW17 Ministry of Finance and Economy 110111-3639535
Philippines Tradition Financial Services Philippines Inc. 254900LD0ANSL564NI70 Securities and Exchange Commission CS200814803
Singapore Tradition Asia Pacific (Pte) Ltd. 200716632G
Tradition Singapore Pte. Ltd. 5493000ON08MFYK4XP20 Monetary Authority of Singapore 197900329M TSIG
TFS Currencies Pte Ltd. 549300VX0P4NG30WZU37 Monetary Authority of Singapore 1997018781Z
Thailand Tradition Brokers (Thailand) Ltd.
Tradition Siam (Brokers) Ltd. 254900983KFTEF637S23 Bank of Thailand 105552075691