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Tradition Asia Policy on Compliance with the Modern Slavery Act [PDF]
General Terms of Business [PDF]
Group Code of Ethics [PDF]
Group Conflicts of Interest [PDF]
TRADe User Agreement [PDF]
TRADXCROSS User Agreement [PDF]
TRADMATCH User Agreement [PDF]
TRADSWITCH User Agreement [PDF]
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Asian Entities – Regulatory Data

Company LEI Jurisdiction Regulator – Link to Regulator Site for Entity
Ueda Tradition Securities Ltd 353800GH95A67C8SIV59 Japan JFSA - (Link)
Ueda Tradition Derivatives Ltd 353800CVX0AWLJ0QTS47 Japan N/A
Tradition Nihon Limited 353800JSW1T1QWZNAG94 Japan N/A
TFS Japan Limited 549300OBRAOO0P4HIX85 Japan N/A
Ueda Tradition Holdings Ltd Japan N/A
Tradition Japan FX Holdings Ltd Japan N/A
Tradition Korea Limited 254900MLKOUH26I3EW17 Korea MOEF - (Link)
FSC - (Link)
Tradition (Asia) Limited 549300ER66BIX4KZD662 Hong Kong HKMA - (Link)
NFA - (Link)
TFS Derivatives HK Limited 549300SQ2NWW0XDNBU68 Hong Kong SFC - (Link)
Tradition Financial Services Philippines Inc 254900LD0ANSL564NI70 Philippines SEC - (Link)
Tradition Holdings (Thailand) Ltd Thailand N/A
Tradition Brokers (Thailand) Ltd 254900PDNZ1SF7CZIU21 Thailand N/A
Tradition Siam Brokers Ltd 254900983KFTEF637S23 Thailand BOT - (Link)
Tradition Fixed Income Securities Co Ltd. 2549004OUBR0H5N26334 Thailand SEC - (Link)
Tradition Singapore Pte ltd 5493000ON08MFYK4XP20 Singapore MAS - (Link)
NFA - (Link)
CFTC - (Link)
TFS Currencies Pte Ltd 549300VX0P4NG30WZU37 Singapore MAS - (Link)
NFA - (Link)
Tradition Asia Pacific (Pte) Ltd Singapore N/A
PT Tradition Indonesia 25490045IGZHUWFQCF90 Indonesia BI - (Link)
OJK - (Link)
TFS Australia Pty Ltd 25490019HY64XV5G6324 Australia ASIC - (Link)
Tradition Australia Pty Ltd 254900L64KM87QVE2A60 Australia ASIC - (Link)
Tradition Kiwi Brokers Limited 549300CZVHZQEPUYRL20 New Zealand FSP - (Link)